“Neko Ex Machina” – First game almost released!

Hi, this is the first article of the blog of this website… Retrospective 2018 : I worked a lot. I mean, I really worked a lot. A lot of passion, a lot of rage, a lot of chiptune, 8bit design, investments, hard days that sometimes lasted until 2am and stuff. The payday is slowly coming, so brace yourselves! My first game, Neko Ex Machina, is almost done! I did everything by myself, from artwork to music, from gameplay to scenario.



I’m pretty happy and satisfied. However, the marketing stuff and communication is coming and I’m not in a hurry… Lol. Anyways, I got unemployed since 2012 and I was just simply wondering why should I go to the job office if I can do the job myself. Stay tuned everyone and thanks for your support! You’re amazing!

You can listen to the OST here : Neko Ex Machina OST


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