Who is Frelon-K ?

Hey! I am Frelon-K, I live in the Southern France and I make Chiptune! I am born in 1988 and I always got a passion for music. I stood in the Metal scene for a while, listening to many band of many genres from Napalm Death to Violator, from Rotten Sound to Everybody’s Enemy. Even if today, I don’t listen as many Death Metal as I used to do before, I keep my Metal roots.

I was raised in the 90s with a strong video game culture. Actually, my first very own console was a Game Boy, and my first very game was Kirby’s Dream land 2. That was the first time I listened chiptune, without the knowledge this kind of sound would be called like that. These chip sounds always fascinated me and taught me how to create a maximum of stuff with a minimal… Well… Stuff.

I played Guitar in a small band from Nîmes called Fragments of Insanity. Even if we have disbanded, I continued to make music on my own, in a side solo project I called Asperger Kommando. Of course, I am an Aspie. This project was nothing but a gigantic WTF. I started with kitchen tools, like many Noise project, and I learned how to make music like that, working with trackers and DAWs.

Today, Asperger Kommando is no more. It took me too much of my time, and I don’t have the feeling anymore to make antimusic. At least, not yet! Frelon-K is born on the ashes of Asperger Kommando. But today, this is purely Chiptune. I make music with FL Studio or even LSDJ, according to my mood.

Actually, I am a game dev and I orginally intended to delegate the music creation. Then, I learned stuff into music theory and started to experiment on my own. Then I decided to make the music myself and… To start a side-project. Ah, ah!

I hope you’ll enjoy my stuff! Cheers!